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October 14, 2015
Stacy M. is getting back into the groove and dropped an amazing 9 poundsher first week back! She has been coming to bootcamp twice a day along with monitoring her food intake. She has been battling a few health issues outside of the gym but that isn’t going to slow her down! Lets keep the ball rolling and get you healthier than you have ever been!
Paula R. lost 6.6 inches overall last month and a whopping 2 full inches in her waist alone! She is looking lean and mean these days. Our Bootcampers are losing body fat like crazy because of their hard work and dedication!
Jaime P. is has lost a solid 4 pounds over these last two weeks after she received some advice and encouragement from her personal trainer. Keep up the consistency Jaime!
Mufeed H. and his family are taking great steps to get into better health. He lost 11 pounds and over 9 inches since joining bootcamp seven weeks ago. Its great to see our clients coming and and getting great results!
Fit Tip
Prepare ahead!
Take the time 2x per week or so to prepare meals ahead of time. If you know what you are going to eat lunch before you finish your breakfast, then you

will not be rushing around just to find yourself at the nearest burger joint or taco stand.  A few pounds of chicken and a few creative recipes can go a long way toward getting you to your weight loss goal.


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