Our Fitness Rockstars of the Week!

October 1, 2015
Nick L. lost 2.2 pounds last week personal training and by tracking and evaluating what he was eating. Great work Nick! We look forward to watching you improve your health and fitness these coming months!
Febe P. lost a total of 8.7 inches last month staying consistent with Bootcamp and running on her off days! What a huge difference those inches make! Keep up the good work and keep shrinking! You look great!
Fit Tip
Don’t let the Holidays be an excuse to let yourself go these next 2 months. Of the next 74 days before the New Year, only a handful are actual holidays that you can’t work out on. The other 65-70 are days that you can be making a positive change and drop some serious body fat! From now until November 15 you have the opportunity to join us for our Holiday Fat Buster program. The Holiday Fat buster deal includes 2 months for the price of one! What better way to end the year than 10 pounds lighter? Don’t let the holidays keep you out of the gym!
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